Discover The Power of the Ultimate Referral Marketing System

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It’s Simple!

Even a kid can do it.


Once you set the system up, all you have to do is add a name and click the send button. It’s that simple. And the set up is a cinch. Just add your headshot photo and contact info to each greeting card in your campaign and you’re ready to go!

It’s Turnkey!

It’s all done for you.


The hard work is already done for you. No design work, no writing, no remembering, no printing, no stuffing, no stamping, no going to the post office. It’s all done for you. Finally, you’ll have a referral system that is guaranteed to work for you because it’s all 100% turnkey.

It’s Affordable!

Even if you’re on a tight budget.


One of the most amazing things is just how inexpensive the SmartFollowUp Referral System is to run. Even if you’re a professional just starting out on a very thin budget, you can afford this system. In fact, it’s about 1/10th of the cost that you would pay if you did this yourself.

It’s Automatic!

It’s working while you aren’t.


The SmartFollowUp Referral System is working for you when you’re on vacation, taking a day off, sleeping at night, at a networking meeting, or busy with clients. Once you push the send button, you never have to worry because it’s all automatic. It’s as close to autopilot referral marketing as it comes.

It’s Authentic!

Captures the hearts of your clients.


Each card has been meticulously written with heartwarming, encouraging and uplifting messages that will capture the hearts of your clients and patients and get them to fall in love with you. The moment you implement the SmartFollowUp Referral System you’ll start receiving messages of thanks, gratitude and appreciation from your clients for remembering and caring about them.

It’s Unexpected!

It will surprise and delight them.


Your clients will be shocked, surprised and delighted that you continue to care enough about them to send them something valuable every month. Think about it, when was the last time you received a heartfelt greeting card from someone you did business with, let alone, every single month. You will become a hero to your clients. In return, they’ll rave about you to all their friends.

It’s Customized!

It’s made just for you.


These are no ordinary greeting cards. Each SmartFollowUp Referral greeting card campaign is tailor made specifically for your profession. They are cards your clients will love to receive and will be eager to open. Also, each greeting card is totally customized and can be sent in your handwriting, with your signature, with your photo and your contact info.

It Works!

This system flat out works.


The SmartFollowUp Referral System has generated thousands of referrals for its users. Over 10,000 customers can’t be wrong. We receive comments like “We booked $40,000 worth of contracts with your system. Lee Lentz, Infinity Partners” every day. This system flat out works. It’s gets people to fall in love with you and generates referrals like crazy.